Earn QChain QDT

Large interest on accruals and frequent payments to all stakeholders are calculated as a percentage of the total pool.


100 000 QDT


Minimal amount for staking

max. to

~ 10.59% QDT


Possible income percentage

It’s so easy to start QDT staking!

Only 3 steps standing between you and your passivce income from stake QDT.

Quick Start

First, create an account and download the application for your OS from our website.

Tokens pusrchase

Buy QDT tokens for ETH, BTC, LTC using a swap in your app.

Staking & Earn

Activate a stakeholder for the amount from 100,000 QDT and start to receive your passive income!

Liquidity compared to most popular DeFi projects


to 10.59%


to 7.34%


to 4.51%


to 4.44%


to 4.23%

Get a great rate on your tokens among the leading DeFi projects in the world for today.

* — This is an example of comparing average stakeholder returns across different Defi platforms.

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Get maximum earnings from your hold QDT investmestments with QChain