QChain - in line with its mission to expand the global QChain community - has established its Ambassador Program. The flagship program is designed to raise awareness and educate the broader community to drive the adoption of Qchain into the global community.

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Who is a Qchain Ambassador?

Qchain Ambassador is an active community member who works on bringing new projects/teams/products into the close-knit Qchain ecosystem.

We remain true to our principles and ideals, continuing the development and integration of new product solutions into the Qchain ecosystem, both our own and external [from teams launching decentralized products on the Qchain network].

In 2023, Qchain launched a program called the Qchain Ambassador Program with the aim of popularizing our ecosystem and engaging current and new developer teams in launching their products on the next-generation network.

Ambassador Responsibilities

1. Monitor projects that require a modern high-speed blockchain for their product(s).

2. Engage in discussions with representatives of developer teams regarding the integration of their product(s) with the QPayments payment system.

3. Act as a liaison between Qchain and the project/company.

4. Facilitate familiarity with Qchain by providing various project documentation available on the Qchain website.

5. Promote information about the advantages of Qchain within the cryptocurrency space.

6. Must have an active presence on social media platforms (Instagram, X (Twitter), Telegram, Facebook, etc.) to conduct various informational events and increase the potential user base who may be interested in Qchain and its products.

Rewards for Ambassadors

Ambassador Reward is a reward system aimed at incentivizing ambassadors who connect companies/projects/stores and other platforms of various orientations to the QPAYMENTS PAYMENT SYSTEM.

These are not one-time percentage rewards but continuous earnings of 10% of the total commission paid.

Reward Size

10% of the fees from the connected smart contract on the Qchain network will go to the ambassador's wallet.

In other words, after the ambassador attracts a project/team and integrates their product with the QPayments payment system, the ambassador will receive 10% of the commission paid by that product into their wallet.

Example of Reward Distribution

For example, a project named 'H' is actively developing on the network and actively interacts with the QPayments payment system.

Let's say 'H' conducted many operations during the day and paid 10,000 QDT in fees.

Since you (as an ambassador) connected the 'H' project to QPayments, 10% of 10,000 QDT is your reward.

Thus, 1,000 QDT will be automatically sent to your address as an ambassador reward.

How Are Rewards Calculated?

When creating a smart contract for a new product in the Qchain ecosystem, the team needs to specify your node's ID (or QDT address) so that the system recognizes that you contributed to the creation of the product's smart contract on the Qchain network.


Rewards are automatically calculated.

As the number of transactions for the connected product grows, the amount of commissions received by the ambassador will also increase.


  • If the project connected by the ambassador spent 1,000 QDT on network fees during a certain period, the ambassador receives 10% or 100 QDT.
  • If the commission size is 5,000 QDT, the ambassador still receives the same 10%, but the amount is now 500 QDT.
  • If the commission size is 10,000 QDT, the ambassador still receives the same 10%, but the amount is now 1,000 QDT.

FAQ for the Qchain Ambassador Program

Below are answers to the most common questions about the Qchain Ambassador Program.

- Who can become an ambassador?

  • Anyone with time and internet access to communicate with team representatives and promote the opportunities of the Qchain blockchain.

- What do I need to become an ambassador?

  • Before you start, you need to install the Qchain6 node (wallet) to automatically receive rewards to your wallet after your invited product's operations.

- How to install the Qchain node (wallet)?

  • On the Qchain website [] under "Ecosystem" - "Launch Node," you can find a version for any device (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, etc.).

- Where can I find my node (wallet) ID?

  • Open the QNode app (Qchain wallet) and go to the "Wallets" section. Find the "Account Balance" tab.
  • The number in parentheses is your node ID.

- Is there a limit on connecting products for one ambassador?

  • There are no limits. You can turn your work as a Qchain ambassador into a primary source of income.
  • As you connect more projects, the total rewards received from all connected projects will increase.

- What is the potential income for an ambassador from one project?

  • A specific number cannot be provided. As the connected project's popularity grows, the commission amount and therefore your percentage (10%) will increase.
  • It all depends on the activity and user base of the project you connect.

- How are rewards calculated in the Qchain Ambassador Program?

  • All rewards are automatically sent to the QDT address that was specified by the project you invited when creating the contract on the Qchain network.

- Will ambassador rewards be given for all transactions of the connected project?

  • Ambassador rewards are related only to the QPayments payment system. Therefore, 10% of the project's commissions paid when interacting with QPayments will be sent to the ambassador's wallet.
  • This does not apply to other transactions.

What Ambassadors Can Focus On at Qchain

Qchain has already overcome many limitations in the blockchain space and offers developer teams a network with a throughput of 100,000 TPS, low fees, and uninterrupted operation 24/7, 365 days a year.

Qchain remains committed to its mission of globally engaging users in the world of Web3.0.

Don't stay on the sidelines of the technological revolution. Become a part of Web3.0 with Qchain and share the rewards of our collaborative efforts.

Long-Term Collaboration with Qchain in the Ambassador Program

After getting acquainted with the products of the Qchain ecosystem and inviting companies and projects to collaborate, you can easily continue your activity within the company.

The opportunities for development are limitless.

Qchain Ambassador Program participants can join the Qchain team as regional directors with special privileges and conditions. We are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial collaboration.

The Ambassador Program is not limited to just interacting with QPayments and its integration. Qchain's products and areas of activity are extensive and multifaceted.

Useful Links for Immersing in the Qchain Ecosystem and Products