We are launching the QStorage service

We are launching the QStorage service


Dear Qchain Community!

We are glad to inform you that today we are launching the QStorage service.

What is it and why is it better than the typical cloud storage?

QStorage is a decentralized data storage, where information is stored not on a single server, but simultaneously on several nodes of our network. That is, your files are first encrypted, then they are divided into parts, and these parts are stored on devices around the world.

What are the benefits of such a solution?

1. Security. With this approach, any data leak or unauthorized access to them is excluded.

2. Reliable access. Even if some of the nodes are offline at the time of the request (even more than half of them), you can still access your data.

3. Cost saving. You pay only for the saved megabytes and do not buy packages you don't actually need.

4. Opportunity to earn. Any member of the community can lease own unused megabytes of disk space and get a payment for that.

Our service is accessible and beneficial to everyone! And you can try it today!

Best regards,

Qchain Team