Beware! Scam Tokens

Beware! Scam Tokens


Dear Community!

Qchain blockchain offers the simplest possible token creation mechanism, where in a few clicks you can launch your own digital assets with minimal fees.

Unfortunately, scammers use all available methods to defraud other community members. One such method is to create scam tokens that look like real digital assets by name or ticker.

For example, scammers recently created a GDT token called Qchain Token.

As you can see, the name is identical to the Qchain ecosystem token (QDT) with the only difference being that they changed one letter when creating the scam token.

✅ Qchain Token: QDT
❌ Qchain Token: GDT

Fraudsters have created similar tokens before:


Be careful with this one! Especially if someone offers you to buy tokens GDT, ODT, QDTS, etc., passing them off as QDT.

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