Qchain for Supply chain and Logistics

Qchain for Supply chain and Logistics


At the moment, there are 4 problems of the industry that the Qchain blockchain is able to cope with:

- Lack of flexibility;
- Inefficient management;
- Weak transparency;
- Lack of compliance.

Walmart, Amazon, IBM, McDonald's, Starbucks and Apple are already working to eliminate these problems using blockchain.

According to a PwC survey, which was attended by more than 600 senior managers from 10+ countries, only 15% of blockchain initiatives in business reach implementation.

Why is that?

The main reasons for failures are underestimation of risks and problems with financing.

Most companies start everything from the very beginning, but why waste resources if you can use the flexible Qchain blockchain and gradually transfer logistics processes to it, which will reduce costs significantly.

Read about the principles of the network, its structure and technical capabilities here: