Qchain and integration with other blockchains

Qchain and integration with other blockchains


As we promised, summer will be hot

We are now actively working on building a bridge on multiple blockchains, viz:

- Ethereum
- Polkadot

Wrapped QDT tokens will also be issued, which will move freely within the blockchains mentioned above.

How this will work?

For example, you want to send 1000 QDT from the Qchain blockchain to BSC. To do this, you go to the bridge site, enter the amount and the address where you will receive the QDT on the BSC.

After confirming the transaction, 1,000 QDT will be deducted from your wallet. In return, you will receive a so-called "wrapped" QDT on the BSC blockchain.

Detailed information about the interface, where, what and how to click will come later.

What is it for?

As CEO of Qchain, Andrei Zaitev said, "Wrapped QDT tokens will allow you to quickly place tokens on any exchanges that run on Ethereum, BSC and Polkadot smart contracts."

Stay tuned!