Private QDT sale completed successfully

Private QDT sale completed successfully


Dear users!

We're pleased to announce the successful completion of the first private sale of the QDT token, which took just 14 hours.

During this period, 3500 users have registered on our website ( By the end of the sale, the final token price reached 0.0177 USDT (+ 77% of the starting price).

Congratulations on your successful completion of the locked QDT sale. We're confident in the further growth of demand for the token, which is already breaking all records.

From March 20 to March 31, the public sale of QDT will begin on our domain, in which anyone can take part.

The preliminary starting price of QDT will be at least 0.02 USDT.

We remind you that to use tokens you need to register at and go through KYC.