Play and Win Together!

Play and Win Together!


You probably know that playing Magic Lotto with a team is much more profitable. But do you know that now, in addition to jackpots and bonuses, you can compete for additional prizes?

Just gather your team of 10 players, buy lottery tickets and take part in the drawing of a brand new Macbook and iPhone!

To participate in the promotion:

  • 1. Register in the @MagicLottobot;
  • 2. Buy any 10 lottery tickets in any of the Magic Lotto games;
  • 3. Each of the 10 people of the first level of invited participants must buy 2 lottery tickets in any of the Magic Lotto games.

Everyone who has fulfilled the mandatory conditions of the promotion receives their "lucky number". Each "lucky number" gets the opportunity to win one of the prizes.

Attention! A participant can fulfill the mandatory conditions of the promotion more than once. Each time a participant fulfills the conditions of the promotion, he/she receives an additional "lucky number", thus increasing own chances of winning. Players can see their lucky numbers in the bot.

The competition period: 3 months (from September 15, 2021 to December 14, 20211 ).

At the end of the contest period (December 14, 2021), the Qchain team will upload the data with the participants and using a randomizer will determine the "lucky numbers", which will receive a prizes – Apple MacBook Air and nine Apple iPhone 12.

Important! After selecting the winning "lucky number", our team will check the fulfillment of all the conditions of the promotion. If we will find out that at the time of the drawing, the winner is unsubscribed from the pages on social networks and left the groups in Telegram, this victory will be canceled and after that, the randomizer will be re-launched to determine a new winner.

The winner, at his/her request, can receive either the prize itself or its monetary equivalent.

After determining the winner, the organizer will contact this person via the bot and the email address on which the participant's account is registered in Magic Lotto. The winner of the contest must respond to the organizer within two weeks (from the date when the contest victory notification was received) to clarify the address and contact details for sending the prize.

Play and win together with your friends.

Best regards,

Qchain Team