Passive income on QDT staking

Passive income on QDT staking


One of the most attractive directions in the Qchain ecosystem is QStaking, where QDT holders earn passive profit for staking their coins.

Commissions are accumulated at a separate address, from the smart contract distributes 90% of the collected funds among QDT stakeholders.

Rewards are distributed across wallets every day

All movements of funds, including the accrual of funds, the sending of QDT to staking and the order of distribution of funds, in the explorer (Qchain Explorer).

Install the Qchain app on your device and top up your balance with QDT tokens.

Annual staking income (APY) - 15% in QDT tokens. And this is without taking into account the rise in the price of the QDT itself.

Taking into account the growth in the price of the token, the annual income can be up to 100-150% and even more.

QStaking is a great opportunity for a stable income.

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