Openness and Transparency Qchain Dot

Openness and Transparency Qchain Dot


Today a new star appeared on Github, the largest web service for hosting IT projects, and its name is Qchain Dot.

From this day, anyone can check out open source code of Qchain Dot.

- Open source code - increased trust from the crypto community
- Network scalability
- Attract talented developers
- New companies, projects and products
- Striving to decentralize network

Open source code allows programmers from other projects to use development environment to create smart contracts on our blockchain.

Attracting developers of the Qchain Dot network, the number of projects being launched will increase, leading to increased popularity of network, more transactions, and more demand of network.

Open source indicates a product in itself that team members are confident in, and with this moment of transparency comes a huge step towards global trust."[a][b]

Eric Raymond, in his book Cathedral and Bazaar, highlighted several benefits of open source:

- Developers are motivated to create a product because they themselves want to use it, it's not a contract but a personal necessity.
- Complex code is simplified, universalized, burned out developers are replaced by new ones who haven't lost enthusiasm,
- Users become co-developers, testers, Linus' Law is realized: "when many eyes are watching, bugs can't hide", the idea is that product does not enrich company, but helps people.

Qchain on the right way....