Online gambling industry in 2023

Online gambling industry in 2023


The multi-billion dollar gambling industry is one of largest industries in the world in terms of market size and has consistently exceeded expectations over past decade.

We have analyzed all numbers to provide you valuable information on current state of the gambling industry and its future growth.

Our compilation includes data on market size, revenue by segment, mobile gaming and consumer behavior. Ready? Let's dive in!

According to Business Research, the global gambling market was valued by $449.04 billion last year.

This positive trend will continue throughout 2023, as the size of the global gambling market is expected to reach $702.45 billion this year. This figure equates to a compound annual growth rate of over 56%.

Forecasts suggest further growth over the next four years, with size of the global gambling market increasing around $766 billion by 2027.

Surprisingly, the biggest growth opportunity will come from lottery segment, which is expected to generate around $147 billion in sales over the next four years.

Exceed expectations

Previously published forecasts suggested growth by $262 billion in 2022. But global gambling industry has surpassed those expectations, growing dramatically to $449.04 billion.

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