QChain Node I Update 1.1.92

QChain Node I Update 1.1.92


QChain Node app updating is available on all devices.

What's new?


— added ability for those who don't have a delegate string to unlink the staking
— input field in the form of adding a staking was changed to dropdown list of "validators"

User interface (UI):

— new "blockchain setup" section
— modal window for synchronization about number of blocks
— a notification about new version with offer for update application was added to UI


— added possibility to specify agent field when creating a contract
— improvements of QPayments with agent in console node


— refinement of QSTN Swap UI for displaying underpaid invoices and switching to QPayment application


— MagicLotto: refinements for the Magic Lotto API: passed additional parameter on Game server in Responce that contains amount of drop out from winnings
— MagicLotto: refinement of the Magic Lotto mechanism for drop out commissions from paying of tickets with alternative tokens (commission in 1 QDT)


— Transactions: new link on Explorer in node — viewing information about transactions