New update of az pool website

New update of az pool website


We have cool news for you! In addition to current methods of account balance replenishment on AZ Pool platform users can now use a new way.

- Fiat P2P-gateway
- Russian Ruble (RUB)

In "Deposit" section, simply click on the "Choose Gate" tab. There you will see Ruble (RUB).


- Transfer should be made exactly the amount specified in the application (not less and not more).
- The transfer should be made within 15 minutes from the moment of creating the request.
- In case of problems with transfer you should copy unique number and send it to technical support with a description of the problem.

More currencies

Now fiat P2P-gate (RUB) is working in test mode. After the test phase is over, we will add other fiat P2P gateways supporting Turkish Lira, Indian Rupee, Uzbek Sum and Kazakh Tenge.