Light node Qchain

Light node Qchain


The QNode application will soon receive another update, where users in the first time will have access to a light version of the Qchain node, which will take up many times less disk space (about 100 mb) than Qchain master node.

Information about the upcoming updates that await us:

- Addition of a lightweight version of QNode;
- When installing QNode from the App Store and Google Play, the lightweight version will be installed by default;
- A special switch between nodes will be added;
- Users will be able to use both light node and Qchain master node;
- Functionality of the lightweight node will be almost identical to Qchain master node with a few minor changes.

And one more important moment:

Soon all of you will be able to become a network validator and receive rewards for validating transactions and maintaining the Qchain network.

For this purpose, we will prepare a detailed instruction how to become a Qchain network validator.

Qchain Team!