Infrastructure is the foundation of Qchain

Infrastructure is the foundation of Qchain


Qchain does not just develop specific products for different segments of crypto-economy.

We create an infrastructure that projects can and should use if they want to offer users modern products unencumbered by various limitations (speed, fees, etc.).

Today, many teams are carefully selecting blockchain, payment solutions to make it as easy as possible for users to access their products.

One such project is Age of Mars.

Age of Mars is a P2E game for those who want to dive into the world of Web3 through the mechanics of an economic game. If you've ever played an economic game, you'll love Age of Mars.

Project become the ONE OF FIRST who start accepting QSTN on its platform.

Judging by the applications that we're receiving, in near future the number of projects that have integrated QPayments and added QSTN as payment will be in dozens.

In meantime, you can already fly to Mars now and start mining resources.

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