How to create your own token in 1 minute

How to create your own token in 1 minute


To create your token on the Qchain you don't need to know the technical aspects of the blockchain or understand the code.

We have simplified the entire process of launching our token as much as possible. You will need the Qchain application, which can be downloaded on your device and have 100 QDT tokens on the balance, which will be used to pay for the creation of the token.

After creating click on the "Products" tab → QTokens → Create your own token.

Create a token name
Abbreviated name of the token
Number of decimal places
Price in USD

Click “Create QToken”. You will be charged a commission for the creation.

Now you have launched your token, which can be integrated into the corresponding business model: loyalty programs and various bonuses, ownership or voting rights, payment for goods and services.