Big update for Qstaking and Qchain

Big update for Qstaking and Qchain


Dear Qchain community!

We are glad to inform you that the first and second stages of our previously announced large update for Qstaking and Qchain have been completed.

The following features have been added to Qstaking in this update:

  • • commissions for transactions in the amount of 1 QDT;
  • • the ability to select a delegate.

Besides, two new features have also been introduced into the Qchain framework:

  • • the ability to download the entire blockchain immediately during synchronization (the option to speed up the download process);
  • • TruncMode – the function that allows you to work with a truncated version of the blockchain. This will reduce the size of the blockchain at runtime.

Attention! To update to the latest version, the users using nodes on the Windows OS must completely reinstall it on their PCs.

Our team does not stop working on improving the Qchain ecosystem and expanding its functionality. Stay tuned, and we will continue to inform you about the most significant and important changes in our network.

Best regards,

Qchain Team